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PILOT LIGHT enables business owners and entrepreneurs by facilitating the exchange of services from our exclusive network of freelance workers from across the globe. Unlike many of the other freelance services, PILOT LIGHT works with a team of hand-selected freelance workers-each individual having been carefully screened and extended a position by invitation only. We have intentionally limited our freelance network to "thousands" and not "millions" so we can ensure you will have the best results and experience possible.

 Ignite! your business idea with a design expert

The team here at PILOT LIGHT understands that sometimes people with great ideas don't know how to turn them into tangible products. We can help! Our team of analysts has combined decades of design experience. Have an idea for an app? We will work with you to design screens, function, and flow. How about an invention? Our team has experience with product design, manufacturing, circuit design, software development, and many other areas. Simply select the Ignite! option when posting your bid, and we will reach out to understand your need. We will then turn your idea into a "spec" which will result in a design for your product. Once you approve our design, we'll continue to help you in selecting the best freelance worker for the job.

Follow these simple steps to

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Post a Project

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Create a new project (for example, "Build a website"). Describe the project with as much detail as possible. Remember, if you need help with this part, we are just a click away with the Ignite! option.

Select a Bid

from dozens

Within minutes of posting a project, bids will begin to come in from skilled workers all across the globe.

Accept the Project

once you're satisfied

Once you are satisfied with the work, you can "accept" the project, and the worker will be paid.

Skills such as software development, translation, graphic design, website creation, content writing, and search engine optimization (SEO) are just a few clicks away with PILOT LIGHT. Your success is 100% guaranteed, your transaction is 100% safe. When you select a bidder, you will fund your PILOT LIGHT account in accordance with the winning bidder's price. Only when you are satisfied with your project will the funds be released to the worker.

And the best part is, posting a project is completely free!

Case Studies

July 24

An app for streaming media

Peter needed an app to broadcast his daily video streams. He considered some of the existing video services, but the lack of personalization left him wanting. He needed something to distinguish himself from the competition, and had an idea of what he wanted. He wanted his own app for iOS and Android to not only stream his media, but allowed for live chatting and purchasing additional content.

He drew up a spec, and identified what he wanted the site to look like, and was able to get exactly what he wanted from a freelance worker named Alexandru in Romania for $285.

January 18

A New Logo for Susan

Susan had a web store for selling her vegetable seeds. She wasn't happy with her existing logo, and was looking at re-branding her entire store and materials. Susan didn't really understand how to get this done, so she elected to use our Ignite! option, and we helped her build requirements for her new logo.

She put the specs into a project, and for $90, she got a beautiful logo from a graphic designer in India.

November 14

Publishing a Manuscript

Craig had a book he had written in Microsoft Word, and wanted to publish it. He needed some help preparing his document for production, but didn't really know how to go about communicating his needs to a freelance worker. Craig also used our Ignite! option, and we were able to work with him to understand his needs, and write a clear specification for adding book ornaments, drop-caps lettering, and offset printing preparation.

Craig's 400 page book would have cost him nearly $15,000 to prepare it for printing through traditional channels. Because he chose PilotLight, he was able to get a first-class document ready to go to a publisher, for under $700 using a trained offset production specialist from India.


A new Invention

From concept to reality

Wayne had an idea for a product. He saw a need in a specific industry, but didn't really know how to monitize it. He knew his product would be successful, but had no previous design experience. His product idea involved hardware, software, and a special enclosure.

Wayne selected our Ignite! option to help him build a specification, and we designed a custom circuit board, software specifications, and enclosure dimensions to go out to bid.

In a matter of weeks, Wayne was able to hold in his hands the product that he had deamed up--it had become a reality and he is now actively selling his product to wholesalers across the world!